057. Series de televisión 3: Tom and Jerry - The Cat Concerto

Sin lugar a dudas uno de los mejores episodios de Tom y Jerry, ganador de un premio de la academia el año 1946. Disfrútenlo.

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Anónimo dijo…
Hello. This is a chapter of Tom and Jerry. To be frank, is one of my favorites.
I fell by accident in your blog and I could only see this because it is a video. As your blog is in Spanish ...
I would like to see an English version if possible. Thank you.
Panchito dijo…
Dear Peter:
Thank you very much for your comment. This is the first time get one in English, and so I am very happy people who read my blog that language. Well soonCreate "Where Panchito" exclusively in English. By I now have a translator in the "Language" in right menu of my blog. Greetings!

PS: I agree with you that this is a brilliant chapter Tom and Jerry.